Children & Families

Public health emergencies are difficult for anyone to comprehend—especially children. As schools close and we all do our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19, here are some resources to help you take care of your child’s mental health, provide structure and activities, and get access to the resources you need.

At Home Activities, Learning, and Digital Safety

Staying at home has been a challenging adjustment for many of us. Here are resources for parents to help children have fun, learn, and stay safe online while at home.


During this unprecedented public health crisis, it’s common to feel a lot of stress and anxiety. In addition to the tragic loss of life, health, and income, we’re experiencing the loss of our daily routines.

How to Talk to Your Child About the Coronavirus

Here are resources to help you talk to your child about the coronavirus and ways to support their emotional wellbeing.

State and Community Resources

School closures have left many without access to childcare and food. Here are state and community resources to help you locate child care and emergency meals for students and children.

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