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While common experiences in later life can raise the risk for mental health problems, we should never think nor accept the myth that mental health problems are a “normal” part of aging. They are not.

In 2001, the Mental Health Association of Maryland established its Older Adult Program to address the need for widespread education and advocacy regarding mental wellness and the aging process. For the past two decades, we have built partnerships, resources, and important initiatives to improve the landscape of mental health for older Marylanders.

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Connections Project

In response to the current crisis, the Vibrant Aging: Peers Program has created a volunteer program to provide supportive phone or video visits to older Baltimore County residents who are being isolated by COVID-19. The Connections Project is connecting older adults with community members of all ages for conversation- simply sign up, answer a few questions about your interests, and we'll make the match. All you need is a phone.

Healthy Minds

With good mental health, people feel positive about themselves, relaxed, and able to handle life’s tasks and small problems with ease.

Signs & Symptoms

The brain is inarguably the most important organ in our bodies and, like any other organ in our body, it can become damaged, sick, or disordered. When this happens, both mental and physical function can be disrupted.

Finding Help

You do not need to have a mental health or substance use disorder to benefit from behavioral health supports and services. In fact, early action for support can prevent problems from turning into illnesses.


There are different types of treatment and various professionals that can help people recover from mental health disorders.

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in spreading the good news about mental wellness in later life.


Check out our free Mental Health in Later Life guidebook and downloadable fact sheets!


Explore upcoming events on brain health and aging in Baltimore County and across the state.

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