Our Mission

MHAMD is Maryland’s only volunteer nonprofit citizens organization bringing together consumers, families, professionals, advocates, and concerned citizens for unified action in all aspects of behavioral health. We envision a just, humane, and healthy society where each individual is accorded respect, dignity, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential—free from stigma and prejudice.


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  • Vickie Walters, MSW, LCSW-C


  • Tim Santoni

    Immediate Past President

  • Elizabeth Sammis, PhD

    Vice President for Public Policy

  • Edgar K. Wiggins

    Vice President for Public Education

  • Randall M. Lutz, Esq.


  • Henry Harbin, MD


Board of Directors

  • Damion Briggs, Prince George’s County

  • Flor Giusti, Baltimore City

  • Dina Karpf, Worcester County

  • Sheilah Kast, Prince George’s County

  • George Kimes, Baltimore County

  • Marsden McGuire, Baltimore County

  • Jeff Richardson, Baltimore County

  • Beatrice Rodgers, Prince George’s County

  • Michael Schoenbaum, PhD, Montgomery County

  • Diane Stollenwerk, MPP, Baltimore City

  • Jane Walker, Howard County

  • Donna Cook Wells, LCSW-C, Baltimore County

  • Eileen Zeller, Howard County

Honorary Board Members

  • Thomas E. Arthur, MA, M.Ed.

  • Terezie S. Bohrer, RN, MSW, CLNC

  • Rev. Dr. Robert W. Carlson

  • Burton H. Lohnes, PhD

  • Randall M. Lutz, Esq.

  • Kali Mallik

  • Oscar Morgan

  • Gary W. Nyman, MD

  • Yvonne M. Perret, MA, MSW, LCSW-C

  • Jeff Richardson

  • Beatrice Rodgers

  • Stuart B. Silver, MD

  • Laura Steele

  • Jane Walker

  • Peggy Whyte, MA

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MHAMD offers a variety of ways to support our work.

Immediate Help

If you or a loved one needs assistance or is thinking of suicide, please get help immediately.

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