Coming to the realization that you might need help is a significant first step. Depending on your life experiences and beliefs, this step can be particularly difficult because of the stigma of mental illness. Mental health problems need treatment. There are different types of treatment and types of professionals that can help people recover from mental health disorders. Most people turn to their doctors when they feel they may need help with a mental health problem however there are several types of professionals that can be helpful.

Behavioral health concerns and needs may be experienced differently based on a person’s cultural beliefs, ethnic background, race, age, religion, gender identification and sexual orientation. For these reasons, finding a good match for help is very important. It may be challenging, but don’t give up!

How Do I know If I Need Help

If you feel or act differently, notice physical symptoms that are not normal for you or experience trouble in areas that were not previously problematic, it’s probably time to get things checked out.


Hope, the belief that challenges and conditions can be overcome, is the foundation of recovery.

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