Living with Mental Illness & Substance Use During COVID-19 Outbreak

Living through the coronavirus pandemic is causing increased stress and anxiety for all of us. And, just as underlying physical health conditions make us more susceptible to developing a severe case of COVID-19, mental illness and substance use disorders have a greater risk of becoming exacerbated.

If you have a mental illness or substance use disorder it’s important to have a wellness plan to help you during this potentially difficult time.

  • Medication tips:
    • Many insurance companies are offering 90-day supplies of medication instead of 30-day supplies. Make sure to fill all prescriptions in case you are unable to go to the pharmacy.
    • Some pharmacies provide delivery services. Contact your pharmacy to see if they participate in delivery services. 
  • Try to keep a routine, day-by-day, that includes the things that make you feel good, like exercise, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy meals.
  • Regularly reach out to friends, family, and others over phone or video conference to stay connected.
  • Use telephonic/digital therapy
  • Participate in online support groups, warmlines, or text lines (see list below)
  • Do things that you know help you feel better – take a walk, make a call, listen to music, exercise, and do things like yoga or mindfulness exercises.

Peer Support and Recovery

The need for social distancing has interfered with the ability to attend support groups. Below is a list of online support groups for mental health and substance use disorders and helplines.


  • Maryland Peer Warm-Line: 1-877-794-7337 (PEER)
  • NAMI Maryland Warm-Line: 877-878-2371
  • Crisis Text LineText HOME to 741741



Harm Reduction for Substance Use Disorders

Other Resources

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