Make a Difference in Your Community

Citizen advocates can and do make a difference! All it takes is the passion to inspire change in your community. By educating the public and our legislature, you can change the way people think and talk about mental illness and help shape new laws and policies. Let your voice be heard!

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Basic Rules and Resources for Effective Advocacy

There are many ways to advocate for the causes you believe in. Whether you advocate by phone, letter, or in person, we have some tips to offer that may improve the outcome of your efforts. Just remember, however you choose to communicate with your elected officials, always be courteous, considerate, and honest.

Lobbying by Phone

A phone call is a quick and easy way to convey your position to a legislator.

Lobbying by Email or Letter

Written advocacy can be a very effective form of communication.

Lobbying by Personal Visit

Personal face-to-face contact may be the best way to advocate for your cause.

Helpful Links

Tools and information you need to be an effective advocate for change.

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