Certified Instructors are Key to Building More Caring Communities in Maryland

Instructor candidates attend a muti-day training which prepares them to facilitate either the Adult or Youth Mental Health First Aid course. Instructor candidates must pass a written exam and demonstrate their ability to facilitate a designated section of the course material. Many instructors are certified in both curricula.

Why You Should Become a Mental Health First Aid® Instructor:

  • You will be able to empower your community to help those experiencing a mental health or substance use concern or crisis.
  • You will be able to tailor instruction to best fit the needs of your community.
  • Embedding instructors in communities makes the program available where people live, work, play, and worship.
  • On-site instructors allow organizations to integrate Mental Health First Aid into pre-existing training programs.

What Are the Instructor Requirements?

  • Instructors must teach the course three times per year.
  • Instructors must teach the course with fidelity.

How will the Mental Health First Aid® Maryland Team Support You as an Instructor?

  • MHFA MD will provide a high level of technical support to help you teach the course effectively.
  • MHFA MD will provide program updates, share information, and offer networking opportunities.

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