Mental flexibility is an important characteristic to develop in coping with the changes and challenges that life presents. Though some personalities are naturally more flexible than others, a person who has been more rigid throughout life can learn strategies to promote flexibility and resiliency.

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back after a troubling situation. Think of a rubber band. After it is stretched, it works its way back into its general shape and size. Perhaps it doesn’t completely return to its pre-stretched form but that’s okay. It still functions and has purpose and utility. Resilient people learn from adversity and move forward. They tend to be more optimistic and don’t allow a negative event or experience to spread to all areas of their life. They understand that undesirable situations can pass or change and they don’t dwell on the problem. They tend to seek solutions or adapt to new circumstances. Hope and optimism are key to resiliency.

With practice, you can

  • Accept situations and circumstances just as they are

  • Relax expectations that may leave you disappointed or resentful

  • Release pressure to stick with a particular idea, agenda or schedule

  • Reimagine your future, your goals and your lifestyle

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