Children’s Behavioral Health Coalition

The Children’s Behavioral Health Coalition (CBHC) was reestablished by the Mental Health Association of Maryland in the summer of 2017 after we noticed an alarming increase in policy issues and concerns specific to children and youth’s behavioral health needs.

CBHC is comprised of consumer advocacy groups that collaborate to identify core priorities and unmet needs, and coordinate advocacy efforts in response to these issues.

The coalition has realized a great deal of initial success. In its first year, CBHC advocated to pass legislation and budget language requiring annual data reports on the availability of behavioral health services for children and youth.

CBHC has also worked to inform and influence the (Kirwan) Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, which is charged with reviewing current education funding formulas and issuing recommendations on new policies and procedures to govern education funding in future years. In mid-2018, CBHC developed and presented a series of recommendations to the Commission highlighting the connection between increased school behavioral health supports and improved student outcomes. Nearly all of these recommendations were adopted by the Commission and included in its January 2019 report.

Read the coalition’s 2023 policy agenda


For more information on the Children’s Behavioral Health Coalition please contact:

Margo Quinlan
Director of Child and Older Adult Policy


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