Maryland Coalition On Mental Health and Aging

The Maryland Coalition on Mental Health and Aging addresses behavioral health needs of older adults by:

  • Advocating to improve the quality and accessibility of mental health and substance abuse treatment for older adults
  • Decreasing the stigma of mental, emotional and cognitive problems as well as substance use disorders
  • Demonstrating the importance of prevention, early intervention, treatment and support services addressing late life behavioral health needs
  • Educating professionals, the general public, decision makers, older individuals and care partners on the late life behavioral health issues
  • Increasing outreach to enable older individuals to recognize the need for and to use the services of mental health professionals, volunteers, and relevant support programs.

Coalition efforts and activities have focused on, but are not limited to: improving access to and reimbursement for behavioral health services; improving service delivery to older adults in the full range of living and care settings; and training, education and destigmatization efforts for professionals, legislators and the general public regarding geriatric mental health. To learn  more about the coalition, click here.

To join the Maryland Coalition on Mental Health and Aging or for more information please contact:

Kim Burton
Director, Older Adult Programs
443-901-1550, ext. 210
We meet bi-monthly, usually on the 4th Thursday of the month. Meetings are open to the public.

** “Behavioral Health”

The term “mental health” has been replaced by “behavioral health” to reflect the broad range of brain based disorders that impact people’s actions, thoughts, emotions, mental abilities and relationships. In later life, when people often experience several life changes and chronic conditions, it is important to acknowledge that problems may be rooted in cognitive changes, medication use, insults to the brain (from stroke or falls for example) and mental health problems. The Maryland Coalition on Mental Health and Aging encourages investigation and problem solving for all sources of mental and behavioral disturbance.