Caring for Older Adults

The United States is facing a crisis: a rapidly aging population with mental and behavioral health needs that will require more human resources than are currently available. In addition, the existing and future workforce lacks access to the skills training necessary to work effectively with this expanding demographic. Experts maintain the U.S. must make significant changes and invest in the development of the older adult workforce in order to protect its economy. MHAMD's Engage with™ skills training program is an important resource to prepare for the influx of this aging older adult population. The program provides critical training that will help employers retain their workforce while improving the skills of both professional and family caregivers.

Benefits of the Engage with™ skills training program

  • Interactive training that teaches caregivers actionable skills and strategies

  • Caregivers improve their confidence and competence in dealing with older adults

  • Modifiable, live skills-based training to fit the needs of individual caregivers and/or agencies

  • Employees develop healthy working/caring relationships with older adults

  • Training skills to manage challenging situations with older adults

  • Training enhances a company or organization’s reputation

  • Decrease in workforce turnover

  • Increase in work satisfaction

  • Improvement of employee morale

Everyone benefits when we engage

Employee turnover is a big concern for many organizations. The investment and cost to replace talent can often be overwhelming. Retention of your workforce helps you maintain quality service, create a more comfortable work environment, and negate expenses associated with the recruitment and training of new employees. Everyone benefits when older adults are fully integrated into a loving and caring society.

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