Older Adult Outreach & Training

Later life is a very important time to watch for changes in mental health. It is also a time when people need to be pro-active in taking care of their mental health.  The symptoms of mental illness can be confusing, irritating and disruptive to daily living, relationships and health conditions. Most older adults, their families and friends, care partners and health professionals do not recognize and resolve treatable mental health problems.

Through its Older Adult Program, the Mental Health Association of Maryland brings important education to the community and professional networks about late life mental health. Information on our website,, can be widely shared to destigmatize mental illness and to promote actions that can be taken to ensure better mental health. For example, learn to start a support group focused on maintaining good mental health.

MHAMD also sponsors the Maryland Coalition on Mental Health and Aging, a group of interested people who meet bi-monthly to work on improving behavioral health care to older adults.