Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Partnership

The Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Partnership (BHCJP) was created by House Bill 990 in 2005. The group has met regularly to improve services for individuals with mental illnesses who become involved with the criminal justice system. The Partnership includes over 40 active members representing state agencies, local mental health authorities, local law enforcement, advocates, and mental health service providers.

The BHCJP has served to improve community reentry for individuals with and without mental health needs, working to address a range of issues, including:

  • Issuance of State ID cards to inmates prior to release
  • Provision of a 30-day supply of psychiatric medication upon release
  • Improved behavioral health training for correctional officers, police officers and parole and probation officers
  • The suspension of Medicaid benefits during periods of incarceration and prompt restoration upon release
  • Expedited outpatient appointments in community mental health centers for individuals returning to the community
  • Data sharing across systems to promote the continuity of care for individuals with serious mental illness that interact with law enforcement
  • Crisis Intervention Teams and others efforts to assist individuals in crisis and divert those with behavioral health issues away from the criminal justice system

Meetings are open to all interested parties.

The Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Partnership recently released an eleven-year review of its work. (Note: It was previously known as the Mental Health and Criminal Justice Partnership.) Learn More >>

For more information, contact:

Dan Martin, Esq.
Director of Public Policy
443-901-1550 x208