Coronavirus Resources

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The coronavirus can significantly affect mental health for everyone, but especially for those with living with a mental illness or substance use disorder. Here you will find information on crisis resources, how to access care, how to get insurance, tips for living with mental illness during the outbreak, warmlines and online support groups.

Coping with Stress

The coronavirus pandemic is causing increased stress and anxiety for all of us. Here you will find resources to help you care for your health so you can better manage anxiety during this challenging time.

Children & Families

Public health emergencies are difficult for anyone to comprehend—especially children. As schools close and we all do our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19, here are some resources to help you take care of your child’s mental health, provide structure and activities, and get access to the resources you need.

Pregnant and New Moms

Many parents and soon-to-be-parents are experiencing stress and anxiety during this pandemic. It's a scary time to think about having a baby, but many women are doing just that. Here we offer pregnant and new moms and their families information and support specific to the coronavirus.

Older Adults

Older adults, particularly those with underlying health conditions, are at greater risk of developing a more severe, life-threatening case of COVID-19, which may result in increased stress and anxiety. Here you will find resources to help older adults stay safe, connected, and supported.

Work Issues

The coronavirus pandemic has created a host of work-related issues. While some of us worry about being exposed to the virus at work, others navigate working from home. And for too many, unemployment is a looming threat or a new reality. Here you will find resources to help you navigate work-related issues during this difficult time.

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